This plump patchwork pouffe is handmade using traditional handiwork techniques, such as gudri (running stitch) and vintage cotton fabric pieces. Each one is gorgeously unique as although the design stays the same, the colours and pattens are beautifully random. There are over two hundred employees working for this manufacturer both in the main factory and in their own homes. All employees receive pensions, employee insurance and have access to a medical facility. They work closely with the local community and help to support education for children living in extreme poverty. They regularly distribute blankets and domestic homeware to those in need, plus they hold a blood donor programme. They have two wind power plants to support their environmental measures and sustain their business through good relationships with people and a genuine belief in the products they make. They describe their wares as 'traditional with a contemporary twist' and often use beautiful old embroidered panels and recycled saris within their work. This versatile pouffe is a perfect example of their philosophy and work ethic and is one of our best sellers.

Why we love this product!

- Handmade and filled (with hollow fibre polyester)
- Fairtrade
- Recycled 
- 100% cotton vintage fabric pieces
- Who wouldn't

Dimensions: Diameter: 65cm H: 25cm


SKU: CC601