Bohemia, to some, is rooted in freedom, being free-spirited and free from any rules or responsibility, all wrapped up in a vagabond lifestyle. The Modern Bohemian can choose to pick parts of this philosophy and take the spirit of the vagabond into their living space. It is here that can best reflect personality or any lack of boundaries without having to resort to actual homelessness. This gorgeous yellow chest of drawers, for example, is the epitome of this modern stance. By taking a standard, quite necessary, everyday object, painting it in vibrant Turquoise and finishing it with odd handles is  a beautiful act of defiance. The medium scale manufacturer of this rebellious piece of furniture, has two factories employing around two hundred craftspeople at each location. Their manufacturing processes include traditional methods such as wood carving and pot throwing, and modern advanced techniques using components like wood, ceramics, terracotta, iron and glass. Their workers receive paid leave , GPA and bonuses, as well as social get-togethers at festival times twice a year. They are proud to be one of the largest exporters of handicraft products in India, whilst maintaining a commitment to quality and social and environmental issues. Break the rules a little and add a statement piece such as this to enjoy a vibrant and slightly mutinous home, but without causing a riot. Well, at least until your friends see it as they will all want one. Vive la revolution!

Why we love this product!

  • Fairtrade
  • Handmade
  • Hand-painted
  • Modern and yet timeless
  • A pinch of bohemian

Diameter: 13.5cm H: 60cm

Turquoise Wooden Chest of Drawers

SKU: IS130