Luxurious cotton velvet, retro-inspired and totally on trend, this Moroccan pouffe is top of our wanted list. 


We visualise a Scandi-esque decor involving rustic metal shelving, weathered, beaten, loved and luxurious leather sofas, a vintage-inspired velvet pouffe or two and perhaps the odd sheepskin. Gorgeous. 


The supplier that is responsible for this coveted item provides all employees with Provident Funding, employee insurance and access to a medical facility. The company is determined to maintain and sustain traditional techniques in the modern world. 


They recycle old saris and beautiful embroidered fabric panels into new products and hand weave items giving the traditional a very modern twist. 


In the local community this company supports education for children in poverty, and distributes blankets and domestic home wares to poor families. They also run a blood donor programme. Not only that, they have two wind power plants and they are proud of being able to underpin their business with good relationships with people, and trust in the beautiful products they produce, just like this most sought after item. 


An alternative to the practical nordic approach could be to embrace the exact opposite and channel your inner boho. Disregard with complete abandonment the quaint notion that everything must match and march down the Moroccan riad route. Pouffes, floor cushions, drapes, lanterns, clashing patterns ..... More is more!


Why we love this product!

- Fairtrade

- Handmade

- Retro modern

- Sustaining and maintaining traditional techniques

- This item is sumptuous grey in colour, we have added the cerise and aqua images to show extra detail

Dimensions: W:60cm D:60cm H:28cm

Moroccan Pouffe in Grey Cotton Velvet